How to book

On this page we explain the two ways you can make a booking on flyadeal

  • The good news is you are already here
  • Please see the instructions below showing how you can complete a booking with us
  • Remember this is always the cheapest booking option


1. Please use our booking panel to fill in the following, and then click on Search Flights:

  • Where you are flying from
  • Where you wish to fly to
  • Whether you wish to book a one way or return flight
  • The date(s) you wish to fly
  • The number of passengers on the flight


2. Please select a flight and fare for your departure and return, then click on Continue. You are able to search for fares on other dates as well on this screen. Our fares are as follows:

  • fly - includes a generous 10kg cabin baggage allowance
  • fly+ - includes a generous 10kg cabin baggage and 25kg hold baggage allowance


3. Please enter in the details of all passengers traveling. Please note that English characters must be used for the First and Last Name. Please enter the correct date of birth for all infants and children, as seating restrictions may apply. Please also ensure that you add your correct telephone number and email address, in case we need to get in touch with you.


4. Please select your seat preference on this screen. You can hover over a particular seat to view a description of it, and its price. Upon clicking on a seat, you will need to confirm it in the popup. Please note that some seats may have restrictions, such as our exit row seats.


5. Please click on the Baggage icon to select any hold baggage that you wish to purchase (buying in advance is much cheaper than paying for this at the airport). You have the following choices, and can purchase up to 2 bags per passenger:

  • 15kg hold baggage
  • 25kg hold baggage


6. Please click on the Meals icon to pre-order any meals that you wish to purchase (you can order food on board but the range is more limited). You can purchase meals for each passenger. Hover over any of the meal choices to view a description and prices for each item.


7. Please click on Check Out to confirm your details and make payment.


8. Please confirm your flight and add-on choices on our summary screen. If you are satisfied with your choices, please select a payment method to complete payment. If using a credit card, please ensure you enter the following details:

  • Card Number
  • Card Holder’s Name
  • Expiry Month and Year
  • CVV Code
  • If prompted, please enter any further verification details

Please read the Fare Rules, and confirm your acceptance of our Fare Rules, Conditions of Carriage and Privacy Policy. Click on Pay once you have confirmed this.


9. If your payment is successful, the confirmation page will display your booking reference and your booking status. Please note down your booking reference number. If you entered a valid email address, you will shortly receive a confirmation email as well with your booking details. Thank you for booking with us. We wish you a pleasant journey on flyadeal.

Please call our Customer Engagement Centre on 92000 0212 or +966 (0) 12 6539515 to make a booking but remember there is a non-refundable fee of SAR 50 for each passenger in the booking for this service.

Please ensure you know where you are flying, the dates you wish to travel, and who will be travelling with you. You will need to provide the following details for all passengers, so please have them at hand:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth (for infants and children)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address