Our Seats

Comfort and convenience when you fly

SeatsOur seats have been designed for comfort and convenience. Each seat has access to USB charging for your devices.

We know you love your mobile ☺ That’s why our seats feature a unique holder to ensure that your phone and tablet are secure and at a comfortable viewing height.

Choose where you want to sit based on the experience you want:

Our front row premium and super extra legroom seats offer an excellent 38 inch pitch where you can stretch out in style.

The 30 inch pitch of rows 2 through 4 are roomier than you might imagine and first in line for a quick exit.

And for female customers who want a little comfort, you can pre-book seats that are made available for you *.

Whether you love looking out the window, or want to make a speedy exit, make sure to reserve your seat during booking - we even have a number of premium rows with extra legroom for those who wish to stretch out.


Seat Layout
Seat Layout

* Note:

Ladies Only seats are available on a first come first served basis for female customers. Please note that we reserve the right to seat other customers in this area due to operational requirements, particularly when we are flying close to full. However, we will always endeavour to keep these seats reserved for our lady customers wherever possible.