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Cheap flights on flyadeal

16 August 2021

As Saudi Arabia’s Everyday Low Fares airline, flyadeal was created to meet the growing demand for cheap flights in Saudi Arabia and the region. The airline promises to continuously offer cheap flights across its network. That does not mean fares do not go up! For the seasoned traveler, securing his/herself cheap flights is a walk in the park. For the rest of us mortals - traveling less frequently - guidance is sought out and welcomed.

We are here to help guide you on how to find and book cheap flights on flyadeal.

How can I get cheap flights on flyadeal?

This is a question we get asked plenty, and the simple answer is ‘Book early!’

The key to finding and booking cheap flights is to plan-ahead of time. The earlier you book your flight the greater your chance in snagging a cheap flight on the day and time you prefer to travel. However, if you cannot book 14+ days ahead of your flight you may also consider the following insider tips (shhhhh, it’s our little secret!):

  • Weekday Booking: Weekends are usually a busy travel period. Opt for booking your flight during the weekdays versus the weekends as you are more likely to find cheaper flights during the former.
  • Red eye / early morning flights: Every Customer has a preference when it comes to the time of day he/she favors for travel. Red eye and early morning flights are usually the least selected flights. Consequently, these flights are emptier and present you with a good opportunity to find a cheap flight.
  • Products and Services: Only choose the products and services you need. If you are happy to fly without a meal or extra baggage, why pay for it? Simply select the add-ons you want and will use and, opt out of the rest.

Why is flyadeal able to offer such cheap flights?

As a Low-Cost Carrier, flyadeal, follows an unbundled fees approach for its airfare. Unlike the bundled approach followed by Legacy Carriers, the unbundled approach allows Customers the freedom to select the products and services they would like to add on to their booking. This gives Customers the choice of only paying for what the need! Consequently, allowing flyadeal to offer cheap flights for all its Customers across its network.

What is the difference between ‘bundled’ and ‘unbundled’ fees?

  • Bundled fees is the practice of including all products and services as a package within the price of the ticket.

  • Unbundled fees is the practice of splitting all products and services into separate items and charging for each product and/or service separately.

flyadeal unbundles its products and services such as checked-in baggage, inflight meals, assigned seating, …etc. to cater to Customers who are happy to opt out of some products and services. This option further reduces the cost of your ticket, offering you a cheaper flight.