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Essential information to ensure that your journey with us is as comfortable as possible

Does flyadeal offer on board merchandise sales?

Yes, we have a selection of perfumes and gifts for sales onboard plus you can select from a larger range of top branded items for delivery to your door. Just click here to take a look at our fantastic offers.

Can I choose a seat in advance?

All flyadeal Customers are allocated a seat at check-in, but if you have a preference you can select your favourite seat when booking your flight, or when managing your booking. Choose from our Premium Seats with extra legroom, Up Front seats for speedy exit or our unique Ladies Only Rows. Additional fees will be charged for seat selection, and these will be clearly shown on the seat map during your online booking process or advised by your sales advisor.

Can I select a meal or a snack in advance?

Yes, you can pre-order from a range of snacks and meals. Simply add your choices whilst making your booking. Please note pre-order meals are only available up to 8pm on the day before travel so may not be available if you are making a last minute booking

Do I need to select my seat while I am making a booking?

You will be offered the choice of selecting your preferred seat or you can wait until a seat is allocated to you at check-in.

How much does Excess Baggage cost?

Pre-pay for excess baggage and you can save up to 60% on airport fees:

  • 1 bag of up to 15kg SR65
    1 bag of up to 25kg SR105

What happens if I arrive at the counter with an extra bag or overweight bag?

We have limited space in our cabin. Any bags larger than the permitted size will be checked in as hold baggage and excess baggage fees must be paid before you board.

  • 1 bag of up to 15kg SR150
    1 bag of up to 25kg SR200

What happens if I arrive at the gate with an extra bag or oversized/overweight cabin bag?

Excess baggage fees must be paid before you will be allowed to board. Managing excess baggage at the boarding gate can delay our flights so the fee for this is a LOT!

  • Each bag SR250

What size cabin baggage is permitted?

You may carry only one (1) cabin bag which weighs no more than 7kg and is no larger than 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm. No other pieces are permitted onboard. Any other items, including handbags, laptops or other types of baggage must be placed in your cabin bag or checked in as hold baggage.

Will my infant have their own baggage allowance?

If you have paid full fare for your infant to travel in an approved seat then your infant will have the cabin and hold baggage as included in their fare. However, if your infant is travelling in your lap, they have no separate hold bag allowance. Instead, you may carry an additional small cabin bag of up to 3 kg which must be placed under the seat in front of you.

What do I do if my hold baggage doesn't arrive at the baggage carousel or arrives damaged?

Please visit the baggage desk in the baggage reclaim hall and provide your details to the staff. You will be given a Property Irregularity Form (PIR). This is a globally recognised form which acknowledges your claim. Without this we cannot accept responsibility for your lost or damaged baggage. Once you have filled out the form and had it stamped by the airport staff, please send your details and a scanned copy of the form to or call us on 92000 0212 or +966 (0) 12 6539515

Can I take a baby stroller onboard?

We have limited space in our cabin so please advise the staff at our check-in counter if you are carrying a stroller. They will give you a tag, so you can hand over your stroller at the boarding gate for carriage in the hold. If you have checked in online, you must be at the check-in counter at least one hour before your scheduled departure time to collect your bag tag or your stroller may not be allowed onboard. On arrival, you can collect your stroller at the baggage carousel.

Can I purchase excess bag in advance?

Yes, you can save up to 60% off our standard airport fees by paying for your excess baggage in advance. Simply use the Manage Booking facility online up to two hours before your departure time to add more bags.

What happens if I miss my flight?

To keep our fares low all flyadeal bookings are non refundable. If you miss your flight for reasons outside of your control you may be able to claim costs from your travel insurance, or our airport sales team will assist you to make a new booking on the next flight

What types of fare does flyadeal offer?

When you book with us, you can choose from our two fare options:

  • our lowest fly fare allows you to take one cabin bag onboard, if you're travelling light this is the cheapest option for you
  • our fly+ fare allows you to take one cabin bag onboard, you are also permitted one piece of hold baggage of up to 25kg. You can also select a Standard or Ladies Only seat for free

Does flyadeal issue tickets?

No, we are a ticketless airline. We will issue a Booking Reference and send a Booking Confirmation via email and/or SMS once your booking has been paid for.

Can I change the name of the passenger on my booking?

No, name changes are not permitted on flyadeal bookings, but if you can't travel you can simply change the date for a small fee

Where can I find your sales offices?

we have two sales offices, one in the departure area of the South Terminal at Jeddah Airport and one in the departure area of Terminal 5 in Riyadh Airport. Our sales offices are open one hour before the first departure each day and close 30 minutes after the last departure.

Do you offer Business Class?

Not currently

How can I find the cheapest fares?

Our lowest fares will be limited on some flights, so the earlier you book, the less you will pay.

I lost my booking confirmation, what do I do?

Don’t' worry, as a ticketless airline all you need at check-in is your ID and your Booking Reference. If you would like a new copy of your Booking Confirmation, simply visit the Manage My Booking section on our website

I spelt my name wrong in my booking, how can I correct it?

If you have made an error with the spelling of your name or your ID details please call us on 92000 0212 or +966 (0) 12 6539515 within 2 hours of booking and we will correct the details on your booking for no fee.

I booked the wrong flights, how can I correct my booking?

We understand that mistakes happen, so if you make an error when booking online you should call us on 92000 0212 or +966 (0) 12 6539515 within 2 hours of receiving your Booking Confirmation. Please note you will not be charged a change fee, however, you must pay any fare difference between the original and new flights. If you have booked outside of our normal working hours please email us at or contact us via social media with the details of your booking

Can I cancel my booking?

Flyadeal fares may not be cancelled for credit or refund, however, we may consider cancellations in the event of bereavement or major illness (supporting documents will be required). Please contact us at or call us on 92000 0212 or +966 (0) 12 6539515 before your planned travel date.

Can I change the date or time of my flight?

Yes, simply manage your booking online up to 90 minutes before departure, just enter your booking reference and family name to view your flight details and change the date or time of travel. Changes can be paid by Credit Card or flyadeal Vouchers only. If you wish to pay for your changes by ATM card or cash you will need to visit our Sales offices in Jeddah (South Terminal) or Riyadh (Terminal 5), but you may incur additional service fees.

I'm having problems booking online, what can I do?

We're sorry you are experiencing problems booking online, please call us on 92000 0212 or +966 (0) 12 6539515 and one of our team will assist you

I changed my flight, what will happen to my selected seat?

If you change your date or time of travel your preferred seat will not automatically transfer to your new flight, but the money you paid will be available and can be used to select a new seat

Should I bring a printed booking confirmation?

No, you can check-in with just your travel documents and booking reference, but we recommend you print your booking confirmation as it includes important information about your flight

What time does airport check in open?

3 Hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight

What time does online check in open?

48 Hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight

What time does airport check in close?

Flyadeal check-in counters close strictly 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. If you need to check in a hold bag, or haven’t checked in online, please remember to be on-time or the flight will be closed, and you won’t be accepted for travel.

When is the latest time I can arrive at the gate before departure?

You must be at the boarding gate 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of your flight, if you're late, we won't wait!

Which terminal are you flying from in Riyadh?

Domestic flights will depart and arrive from Terminal 5

Which terminal are you flying from in Jeddah

All flyadeal flights to or from Jeddah will be via the South Terminal

What time should I arrive at the airport?

At least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time

What if I missed boarding time?

If you arrive late at the boarding gate and the gate is closed, your booking will be automatically canceled and no refund will be given.
On many routes we operate several flights a day, so if you need to travel urgently you can make a new booking through our website or app up to just one hour before departure.

What documents do I need to travel?

If you are travelling within Saudi Arabia, you must carry your Saudi ID/Iqama or your passport.

Can I check-in online?

Web check-in will be available 48 Hours before scheduled departure time until 90 minutes before departure time. Click Here to access.

Am I entitled to a compensation if my flight is late?

Punctuality is important to us, but delays can happen and compensation may be due. If you are delayed please contact our team at the airport and they will advise you

What happens if my flight is cancelled?

We understand how inconvenient it can be when a flight is cancelled but occassionally we may have to cancel a flight for operational reasons. If this happens we will try to contact you directly to discuss the options available, but if we don't have your correct contact details you will need to talk to our team at the airport who will assist you

Where I can find flyadeal on social media?

You can find us in most of the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

How do I raise a complaint?

No one likes to get things wrong, but in the unlikely event we haven't got something right we need your help to tell us as soon as possible. Contact us at to discuss your issue.

How will I know if my flight is delayed?

If we have to delay a flight we will always try to keep our Customers updated through SMS and e-mail, so whenever you make a booking please make sure you enter your correct contact details

How can I find out flyadeal fares and departure times?

You can visit us on, you can check all preferred destinations and dates or you can call us on 92000 0212 or +966 (0) 12 6539515 for more details.

What kind of power outlets do flyadeal have onboard?

We provide four USB outlets per each row of 3 seats

What types of aircraft are you flying?

flyadeal is proud to fly the Airbus A320 which seats 186 passengers. All flyadeal aircraft are brand new, enabling us to offer our passengers the latest technology such as in-seat power.

Can I smoke on your flights?

To comply with local and international regulations and for the comfort of all passengers Smoking is not permitted on any flyadeal flights. Please note many airports also restrict smoking to specific areas only.

I left a personal item onboard, how can I get it back?

If you are still in the airport please speak to a member of our team in the terminal. Alternatively you can call us on 92000 0212 or +966 (0) 12 6539515, but please let us know as soon as possible as the aircraft may have departed to it's next destination and other Customers will be onboard.

What kind of meals you provide on board?

We want to keep our fares as low as possible so you have the opportunity to travel as often as you like at a great price, one way we keep our costs low is by not including free food in the fares but we do offer a range of great value food and drinks for sale or you can pre-order one of our meal deals up to the day before your flight.

Does flyadeal offer dedicated seats for females?

Yes! We understand that some of our female Customers can feel uncomfortable in a crowded aircraft, so we offer dedicated Ladies Only rows which can be selected during your booking. Please note these seats are only available to Ladies and infants, children are not permitted in our Ladies Only section. Please note we may occasionally have to place a male Customer in these seats, in this instance you will be entitled to a credit of the seat fee paid.

How can I do a group booking?

Simply email us on with your group details and we will contact you within 3 business days with your fare. Please note our lowest fares sell quickly so the earlier you contact us the better value we will be able to offer

What is a flyadeal Voucher?

Sometimes we may get things wrong, so flyadeal Vouchers are our way of saying sorry for not delivering the great service we promised. flyadeal Vouchers will be issued by our Customer Engagement team, each will have a specific value and will be a unique code issued by email. The terms and conditions of use will be included in the email, such as when and where you can travel when using the Voucher as payment.

Does flyadeal have a frequent flyer program?

Not yet, but we may introduce this feature soon. To keep up to date with new products and services subscibe to our database

Does flyadeal offer gift vouchers?

Not yet, but we may introduce this feature soon. To keep up to date with new products and services subscibe to our database

What are flyadeal rules on flying with pets?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept pets on our aircraft, however, we are pleased to welcome Assistance Dogs onboard (please visit our Special Assistance page for more details)

How I can pay online?

We offer a wide variety of payment methods, including: credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), SADAD, flyadeal Vouchers and Credits

How can I pay by SADAD?

You can pay by SADAD when booking online or via our Customer Engagement Team, but please remember SADAD is only available up to 48 hours before your planned departure time. Once you have booked and selected SADAD as your preferred payment method you will be sent an email confirmation which will include the flyadeal Biller Code (181), your unique Bill Number, the amount due and the booking expiry date / time.

To pay by SADAD:

  • Select flyadeal as the payee (Code 181)
  • Enter your Bill Number
  • Verify the amount you are paying and confirm payment
  • Please note your booking will automatically be cancelled if full payment has not been received within 2 hours of booking.

Can I pay cash for my booking?

Cash is only accepted for bookings made via our Airport Sales Offices, these are located in South Terminal, Jeddah and Terminal 5 in Riyadh

I was charged twice for my booking, what should I do?

We're sorry if we've charged you twice in error, but sometimes systems and banks can make mistakes too. Just contact us at and if we have charged incorrectly we will arrange a refund of the over-payment.

Can I travel with my own wheelchair?

If you pre-book our wheelchair service, we will accept your manual foldable wheelchair as hold baggage for no additional charge. We have to make special arrangements to carry electric wheelchairs, so you must call our Customer Engagement Team on a href="tel:+966920000212">92000 0212 or +966 (0) 12 6539515 before you book your flight and at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of your planned travel so we can arrange the airport services for you.

How I do book wheelchair assistance for my flight?

If you require wheelchair assistance you can simply add our Wheelchair Service when booking your flight online. For more details visit our Special Assistance page. Once this service is added, you will be provided with a wheelchair and escort from the check-in counter to the departing aircraft, and from the aircraft to the arrivals hall after landing.
If you require additional support during your trip – such as one-to-one care onboard or if you are unable to walk from the aircraft door to your seat – you must call our Customer Engagement Team on 92000 0212 or +966 (0) 12 6539515 before booking, and at least 48 hours before your planned travel as we may need to make additional arrangements for you.
Please remember that we cannot guarantee availability of these services at the airport. If you don’t advise us of your requirements before you book you may not be accepted for travel and no refund or credit will be due.

When do I need a medical certificate to fly?

If you or someone in your travel group has recently undergone surgery, are receiving medical treatment, your mobility is reduced or suffering from any sensory, locomotory or intellectual disability, a valid doctor’s certificate will be required. This should state the nature of the illness and declare you fit to fly on your chosen dates of travel. For more details please visit our Special Assistance page.

I have a Carer travelling with me, what should I do?

If you require the presence of a Care Assistant, they will be required to make a booking for the same flight(s) and pay the relevant fare. Please follow the normal booking process, depending on your assistance requirements.

Can I take my medication on board?

You may carry essential medications in your cabin baggage, including syringes, but please ensure you have a letter from your Doctor or hospital as airport security may require confirmation that you are permitted to carry these items.

Can I take my medical equipment on board?

Dialysis machines, portable oxygen cylinders and other types of medical equipment may require special arrangements to be made so you must call us before you book, at least forty-eight (48) hours before you plan to travel on 92000 0212 or +966 (0) 12 6539515

Can I travel with a plaster cast?

If you have a full leg, body or other plaster cast which restricts your ability to sit in a standard aircraft seat you must call us before you book, and at least forty-eight (48) hours before your planned travel as special arrangements will have to be made for you to travel.
If you have a half leg (boot type) or arm plaster you can travel with us, but you must provide a medical certificate, signed by a doctor, not nurse stating you are ‘fit to fly’. You must be able to use the bathroom unaided and the plaster cast must be at least forty-eight (48) hours old

Do you offer any assistance to Customers with visual / hearing impairment?

We are unable to provide any assistance in the airport, so you must travel with a companion. Please let us know of your condition when booking by simply clicking on the relevant icon on our web booking page, our cabin crew will then be aware of your requirements onboard.

How long into pregnancy can women fly?

Expectant mothers are welcome onboard flyadeal flights up to and inclusive of their 32nd week of pregnancy. Please note we require a medical certificate when travelling after week 28. For full details visit our Special Assistance page.

Can I carry my new baby born with me while travelling?

Yes. We allow 1 infant to travel with each adult aged 16 years or over. Infants must be at least 8 days old.

What rules apply to infants flying with flyadeal?

Infants may travel either in an approved travel seat (paying full fare) or may be seated in the lap of an accompanying adult for a small administration fee of SAR55 per sector.

Can a child fly alone on flyadeal?

No, our cabin crew are fantastic, but they will be busy looking after all of our Customers, so we are unable to offer an unaccompanied service for children travelling alone.
Children under the age of twelve (12) may travel only if they are accompanied by a person sixteen (16) years of age or older who will take responsibility for them.
Young people aged 12 and over may travel alone on our flights but please ensure they are able and prepared to travel alone as we do not offer any additional services for unaccompanied minors.

I can't complete my online booking, who can help me?

Just call us on 92000 0212 or +966 (0) 12 6539515 between 7am and 10pm and our team will be pleased to assist you

How do I apply to work at flyadeal?

Simply visit our careers page to view all our current vacancies, you can then submit your application online