Special Assistance

Information for customers with medical conditions or requiring special assistance on flyadeal

flyadeal aims to deliver a comfortable environment for all Customers travelling on its aircraft and we welcome those who require additional assistance.

We have listed some of the most frequently requested services and information on this page, but if you require additional information please call us on +966 92000 0212 or +966 (0)12 653 9515 (if calling from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

Please note any special assistance not requested before you confirm your booking with us will not be delivered and, as detailed in our Conditions of Carriage, you may be denied travel, with no credit or refund due to you.

All booking requests for Customers requiring any special assistance must be made via our Customer Engagement Team at least 48 hours before planned travel. Please call us on +966 92000 0212 or +966 (0)12 653 9515 (if calling from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and our friendly team will guide you through the booking process.


Customers with Reduced Mobility

Customers with reduced mobility who a) advise us of their requirements in advance by calling our Customer Engagement Team and b) book at least 48 hours in advance of planned departure, will be provided with the following services:

  1. No charge for carriage of a Customer’s own manual folding wheelchair as hold baggage
  2. Provision of a wheelchair and escort from the check-in counter to the aircraft.
  3. Where the aircraft is boarded by air-bridge, the Customer will be taken to the door of the aircraft from where they must be able to walk to their seat
  4. Where the aircraft is boarded by stairs, the Customer will be taken to the aircraft in a wheelchair, usually on a bus with other Customers. At the aircraft, they will be taken to the cabin door by a medi-lift vehicle when and where these are available. Once they are at the cabin door, they must be able to walk to their seat.
  5. On arrival, the Customer will be provided with a wheelchair and escort who will take them to the baggage hall. When and where these are available A medi-lift vehicle will be provided where steps are used to disembark the aircraft.
  6. The Customer’s own wheelchair will be returned at the baggage carousel with other hold baggage

Please note there will be circumstances where we will not be able to accept all Customers wishing to travel with us. For example, those who require one-to-one care onboard, or are unable to walk from the aircraft door to their seat. In these circumstances, we recommend you book with our sister airline, Saudia, as they provide additional facilities for those with special needs. The Saudia Special Needs team are available from 0730 to 1530, from Sunday to Thursday, and can be reached at 012 686 0840.

If we are unable to confirm your requested date or time, we will offer you alternatives for your booking.

Customers using our wheelchair service must complete their check-in process at least ninety (90) minutes before their scheduled departure time and be present at the boarding gate at least sixty (60) minutes before their scheduled departure time.

Customers are reminded that we can only carry manual folding wheelchairs. Electric wheelchairs cannot be accepted as Hold Baggage since our aircraft are not licensed to carry the type of batteries these wheelchairs operate on. Non-folding wheelchairs are not accepted as Hold Baggage as they can be damaged during loading.


Expectant Mothers

If you are expecting, congratulations! We will do our best to make your flight comfortable. However, please note that expectant mothers between 28-32 (inclusive) weeks, must produce a Medical Form authorising travel, signed by a registered doctor (not a nurse). For the safety of your baby and yourself, you will not be accepted for travel if your pregnancy is at 33 weeks or more.


Medical Equipment

Due to the size and configuration of our aircraft we are unable to stretchers, dialysis machines, portable oxygen cylinders and other medical equipment onboard.


Crutches and Plaster Casts

If you have modern collapsible crutches you can take them onboard in addition to your cabin baggage allowance, but during flight, they must be stowed in the overhead bins to avoid inconveniencing other Customers.

As we have limited space in the cabin we are unable to accept non-collapsible crutches as either Cabin or Hold Baggage.

If you have a half leg or full/half arm plaster cast we will try to make your journey as comfortable as possible, but your plaster cast must be at least 48 hours old and you must check you’re your doctor to ensure it is safe to travel. A medical certificate will be required before you are allowed to board, signed by a doctor, not nurse confirming you are ‘fit to fly’.


Contagious Diseases

The comfort and health of all Customers is a priority for us so we follow internationally accepted rules for the acceptance of Customers with contagious or transmittable diseases.

Customers suffering from any of the below must travel with a medical certificate, signed by a doctor, not a nurse, confirming they are not infectious and that the time restrictions as detailed below have been met

  • Chickenpox At least five (5) days after the first spots appear
  • German Measles (Rubella) At least five (5) days after the onset of the rash
  • Measles At least four (4) days after the onset of the rash
  • Mumps At least nine (9) days post swelling
  • Scarlet Fever At least one (1) day after appropriate treatment
  • Whooping Cough For three (3) weeks after the onset of the Whoop. However, the Customer may travel after five (5) days from the commencement of the appropriate treatment
  • Tuberculosis Customers with Tuberculosis will not be accepted for travel until their medical practitioner can confirm they are not infectious

Other Medical Conditions

A medical certificate will be required for all communicable diseases, infections or conditions which may be aggravated by travel, recent surgery or where you are unable to take responsibility for your condition and/or require additional assistance

Customers with the below mentioned conditions must provide a medical certificate before we will accept you for travel, please note this list is not exhaustive and we recommend you discuss your fitness to fly with your doctor if you have any concerns regarding your condition.

  • Asthma recent deterioration within 48 hours of travel
  • Head Injury Within 2 weeks of travel or where there is air in the cranium
  • Heart Attack Within 21 days of travel
  • Chest Surgery Within 10 days of travel
  • Ear or Sinus Pathology Within 48 hours of travel
  • Stroke Within 10 days of travel
  • Phobias If doubt about ability to cope with air travel
  • Anaemia Hb < 7.5 d L/L
  • Decompression Sickness Requires clearance from a specialist in hyperbaric medicine
  • Penetrating Eye Injury While there is air in the eye or a vitreous leak
  • Pneumothorax Within 14 days of resolution
  • Plaster Casts (see above, must be split if the injury is less than 48 hours old)
  • Fractured jaw which has been wired (Customer must carry wire cutters onboard and must travel with a Carer capable of cutting the wires if necessary. Suitable documentation must be carried due to security issues of travelling with wire cutters)


Service Dogs

Service Dogs allow Customers with a range of conditions the opportunity to live and travel and they are welcome on our flights.

To book for yourself and your Service Dog you must call us at least fourteen (14) days in advance of your planned date of travel. As we limit the number of Service dogs on each flight we may offer you alternative dates and / or times of travel.

You and your Service Dog will be allocated two (2) seats, where possible in the first row of our cabin.

Our Service Dog Application Form must be completed by you and a copy sent by email to wecare@flyadeal.com within twenty-four (24) hours of booking. Once received, we will review your form and provided your Service Dog meets our minimum requirements and you agree to our Conditions of Carriage we will process and complete your booking

Our minimum requirements are:

  • Maximum weight of 45kg
  • Maximum length of 86cm (neck to tailbone)
  • Is of good health and free of infectious disease
  • Certified and trained by a recognised authority as a Service Dog
  • Dog breed is not on the list of banned breeds within Saudi Arabia
  • Certified documentation confirming the Service Dog:
    • has achieved the appropriate level of training
    • is trained for travel on public transport, including an aircraft cabin
    • is trained to meet the standards of hygiene and appropriate behaviour for an animal in a public place (including an aircraft cabin)
    • has been trained within the past twelve (12) months

There is no charge for travelling with your Service Dog and you may also carry one small container of food onboard in addition to your standard cabin baggage allowance.

Please note that we have limited staff in our airports and whilst our team will endeavour to assist you, if you have impaired vision or hearing we do not provide an escort service therefore we will be unable to accept you for travel unless you are travelling with a companion.


Severe Allergies & Special Dietary Requirements

We recommend Customers travel with a medical certificate in case of a strong allergic reaction. If you have a specific dietary requirement you may bring your own food onboard but:

  • Our crew are not permitted to heat Customer’s own food (potential for cross contamination as our ovens may have been used to heat other food which you may be allergic to)
  • Our crew will not refrigerate Customer’s own food (see above)
  • Food must be free from strong odour to avoid inconvenience to other Customers
  • We are unable to provide any napkins, cups, glasses etc. where you have provided your own food (see above)

If you, or any other person travelling with you, has recently undergone surgery, is receiving medical treatment, has an intellectual deficiency, illness, or any other reason to require assistance to travel, you must book via our Customer Engagement Centre on +966 92000 0212 or +966 (0)12 653 9515 at least 48 hours before you plan to travel as we may need approval before we can accept your booking.