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flyadeal Airbus A320

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The A320 Family is the world's best-selling single-aisle aircraft and is the preferred choice with traditional airlines and passengers, as well as with the fast-growing Low Fare Airline segment for which it is now the aircraft of choice. Since entering service in 1988, the A320 has carried more than 11.5 billion passengers and clocked up more than 103 million flights.

For the AvGeeks out there, please see below some stats about the Airbus A320:

  • Every 7 hours, an A320 Family aircraft leaves one of the A320 Family Final Assembly Lines all over the world (Europe, China and US).
  • It takes about one month to complete the final assembly of an A320 Family aircraft.
  • Production lead time of an A320 from the first piece manufactured to the delivery of the aircraft is around 1 year
  • All A320 Family aircraft produced lined up from nose to tail would make a 260km long line which corresponds nearly to the length of 2500 soccer fields
  • A320 operations are very similar to breathing. Every time you take a breath an A320 Family aircraft takes-off or lands.
  • A320 Family engines produce so much thrust that they could keep 6 elephants stationary against the force of gravity on Earth.
  • The A320 made its first flight in 1987; 200 years before in 1787, the first steamboat was created in the US by John Fitch.
  • The cruise altitude reached by an A320 is equivalent to 15 Burj Khalifa tower (highest tower in the world).
  • Fan diameter of the A320neo family engines is 2,05 meters. It is larger than most business jet cabins, (such as Bombardier Learjet).
  • At the end of its lifecycle, 85% of an A320 can be recycled in terms of weight. This figure will go up to 95% in the next few years.
  • Electric power produced by both A320 Family engines would be sufficient to provide electricity for 30 standard apartments.
  • The high pressure spool of A320 Family engines during take-off phase turns 11 times faster than a washing machine during the spin cycle.
  • The A320 can accelerate from 0 to 200 km/h in less than 20 seconds. This is faster than a 305 HP Ford Focus RS.
The making of Al Nayyir at Airbus