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Pre-Ordered Meals

You can choose from a wide selection of meals at extremely affordable prices. All images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual products may vary in size. Prices are VAT inclusive.



For a hotel breakfast experience, enjoy our Omelette with a side of vegetables and baked beans, served with refreshing juice.

19.99 SAR

Foul Medames

For a hearty breakfast, don't miss our Foul Medames served with fresh bread, refreshing juice, a side of dukous and olive oil to drizzle.

19.99 SAR


Chicken Caesar Salad

Want something light yet satisfying? Look no further than the Chicken Caesar Salad served with cooling still water.

19.99 SAR

Greek Salad

For a light option with bold flavors, an earthy taste and citrus freshness, go no further than our Greek Salad. Served with dressing and cooling still water.

19.99 SAR

Main Dish

Chicken Biryani

A favorite in our region, the Chicken Biryani served with Raita and refreshing juice is a feast for the eyes and stomach alike.

29.99 SAR


Vegetable Noodles

In the mood for Asian? Delight your taste buds with our Asian style vegetable noodles served with refreshing juice.

25.99 SAR


Chicken Nuggets & Wedges

Bring out your inner child with some tender Chicken Nuggets and a side of Wedges. Served with ketchup and refreshing juice.

25.99 SAR

Chicken Pasta

Our creamy Chiken Pasta is simply delectable. Enjoy the taste of Italy, served with refreshing juice.

25.99 SAR

Mixed Grill

The aromatic Mixed Grill served with Arabic bread, Hummus and refreshing juice is simply enjoyable!

29.99 SAR

Chicken Thai Curry (keto)

Are you on a Keto diet? Don't fret! The Chicken Thai Curry served with refreshing juice and oil to drizzle hits just the right spot while keeping you on diet.

29.99 SAR

Grouper Bilkodar

A fish lover? Don't miss the Grouper with vegetables, a delectable combo served with Tahina and refreshing juice.

35.99 SAR

Chicken Kabsa

Sit back and enjoy the delicious Chicken Kabsa - the national dish of Saudi Arabia. Served with Raita, dukous and refreshing juice.

29.99 SAR


Chicken Fajita Wrap

Tasty, tangy, spicy.. What's not to enjoy with the Chicken Fajita Wrap! Served with refreshing juice.

19.99 SAR

Chicken 65

Ahhh the flavours of India! our spicy, deep-fried Chicken 65 is a quick snack full of flavour. Served with refreshing juice to balance.

25.99 SAR

Chicken Shawarma

Our succulent Chicken Shawarma will leave you asking for more. Served with refreshing juice this sandwhich spells 'Yum'!

29.99 SAR

Beef & Halloumi

The Beef & Halloumi sandwhich served with refreshing juice is an appetizing option for cheese lovers.

29.99 SAR