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Manage My Booking

You can manage your booking to change flight, select a seat, and add extra services.

How to change your booking online?

flyadeal is committed to providing the best user experience for our customers. That is why we made it easy for you to manage your booking online without any hassle.

Here is how easy it is to change your booking online on flyadeal

Step 1: From the Manage My Booking login page, add your booking reference and last name, then click GO!

Step 2: On this page, you will find details about your booking. Scroll down, then click on Change Flights.

Step 3: Choose the date and time for your new flight and then proceed with paying the change fees. And you are done!

How to add other services to your booking?

With the same steps mentioned above, you can add baggage, choose a meal, or even submit a special assistance request.

You can find different options at the bottom of the Manage my Booking page.

You will receive a confirmation on your email. Have a safe and enjoyable flight with us ✈️ 😊

You can issue your boarding pass using the Web Check-in page.