Pack smart

Making your travel quick and smooth

We encourage you to travel with everything that you really need, by planning ahead and packing smart. Don’t be wasteful.

  • you can take onboard with you one large cabin bag and one additional small item such as a laptop case or handbag
  • if you want to take a large check-in bag you will need to purchase a fly+ fare, or pay extra for your bags, either online or at the airport
  • think of what you really need, so that you don’t overpack
  • Please check our baggage rules and smart packing tips below about what to pack and what to avoid


Smart Packing Tips

  • Count the number of days of your trip and decide how many pieces of clothing you will need
  • Roll your smaller pieces of clothing and place them on the bottom
  • Place medium size folded items on top
  • Drape longer pieces over the folded ones
  • Add smaller items using the spaces available
  • Line suitcase with belts
  • Choose shoes wisely and place them on the very top
  • Pack your jewelry in a small loose bag – this one goes with you in your cabin bag
  • Make sure to pack any liquids on bottles over 100 ml in your hold bag, not in your cabin bag
  • Check the list of prohibited items below, don’t take any of them with you when flying
  • Now you are ready to enjoy your trip and to fly for less…


Please make sure that you pack smart and take with you only what you need. If you keep things simple we will get you to your destination faster.


Pack smart