Pay for what you need

Giving you flexibility to build the ticket the way you want

We don’t want you to waste your money. That’s why with us you start with choosing the right fare and then purchasing add-ons as you wish.

  • do you need more luggage or are you flying with only your toothbrush? Our lowest fares are ‘cabin baggage only’, but if you need a hold bag simply buy a fly+ fare
  • plan early, pack smart and pay less for baggage. If you pay in advance, you can save up to 50% on our airport baggage fees
  • pay only for the food you want to eat. We sell a range of drinks and snacks onboard, or you can pre-order one of our meal deals when you book
  • want a hot meal? Just pre-order when you book
  • have a favourite seat? Pick a row with extra legroom, quicker exit or a window seat - it is your choice