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Welcome Back

What you can expect when you fly with us

We understand that many of you have not flown since the pandemic started and the subsequent introduction of new travel restrictions, so this page explains what to expect when travelling.

We follow regulations and advice from GACA and the Ministry of Health with regards to the sanitisation of our aircraft, protective equipment for our crew and requirements for our Customers. This advice is constantly under review so please do check back nearer to your travel date in case there have been any changes.


We wish good health to you, and all in the Kingdom  


If you have an existing booking, please visit our Help Centre for details of the options available to change or cancel your booking.


For details on document and quarantine requirements on international flights, please visit our Help Centre for the latest information.


Don’t forget, only ONE carry-on bag is allowed in the cabin, no larger than 55 x 35 x 20 cm and weighing no more than 7kg, all other baggage must be checked in. For more details on our carry-on baggage policy please visit our Carry-on Baggage page. To save time and money book a fly+ fare for just SAR50 extra for complimentary standard seating plus one (1) checked in bag of up to 25kg.


  • Only ONE (1) bag permitted in the cabin, no larger than (55 x 35 x 20cm) and weighing no more than 7kg. All other baggage must be checked in. When possible your bag should be placed under the seat in front of you to reduce your contact with cabin surfaces.
  • You can select your seats online when booking or checking in, middle seats will be blocked on domestic flights to allow for social distancing but can be booked if you are travelling with your family and wish to be seated together. All Customers on international routes must provide a negative PCR test to travel, therefore social distancing is not required on these flights.
  • Please arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled departure time to allow for additional checks and queues.
  • Customers must arrive at the airport with their own face mask and wear it at all times during their journey or they risk being refused entry and / or boarding (with no credit or refund due).
  • Temperature checks will be conducted by authorities the terminal entrance and other points in the airport. They may require further medical checks or refuse carriage to any Customers who they believe are unwell and not fit to fly.


For domestic flights:

Immunization is a mandatory requirement to use air transport. As per the definition established by Public Health Authority (Weqaya), immune person is an individual whose status in Tawakkalna shows either of the following:

- Those who have received two doses and have completed their vaccinations against COVID-19.

- Those who have passed (14) days after their first dose; or

- Those who have recovered from COVID-19 in a period not exceeding (6) months.

2- All passengers, except for passengers under the age of (12) years, shall be immune as per their status in Tawakkalna to be accepted in domestic flights.

Those whose condition is (No record of infection) are prohibited from entering airports and using public transportation.

*Social distancing not required on international flights as all passengers require negative PCR test before boarding




If you would like to see how we ensure our cabin is sanitised for your safety and peace of mind, please view the video below: